Many of us have lists of things that we would like to achieve. We might have a list of 100 things, 50 things or just 10 things that we would really like to do. Or we might call it a bucket list or a list of goals for the future.The lists are great because they get us focused on what we want to achieve, but then we need to think about how we are going to achieve them. This can be a bit more tricky and so this website aims to help you with this.

Our articles are split into sections, where each section focuses on one topic that your goals might fit in. Things like travel, sports, charity, vehicles, learning new things, food, personal relationships, entertainment, health and finance. Each section has some tips on how to achieve things in the category.


How to read all the Classics

Many of us can envy those who seem to be well educated. Those that know lots of things such as the content of many classic novels. It may make you feel that you would like to read them as well.

The classic novels tend to be those that are famous and stand the test of time. Books by authors such as the Bronte sisters, Charles Dickens, George Eliot and teh like. There are a selection of modern authors who are also thought to be well worth reading. It can take a long time to read all of these books though, but it can be very pleasurable.

If you do not like reading but you want that knowledge, then you could always watch a film or television adaptation instead. You do have to be careful with these, because the endings are sometimes changed, some things can get updated and often key parts are missed out. Long novels have to have bits missed out or else the film would just be too long.

Reading can be such a pleasure and once you get in to the habit, you will want to just keep on doing it. You can take books on the bus, train, beach, curl up in front of the fire with one or even read one while cycling on an exercise bike. With the new ereaders, you can download many classic books for free and so once you have made that initial investment, you have lots of exciting stories at your finger tips.

How to learn to Juggle

Juggling is an old fashioned skill to learn. It can look really impressive if you can do it well, but it does take a lot of practise.

To start with it is good to use scarves. The reason for this is because they float gently through the air and so it is easier to catch them. However, some people find a ball easier because you have something solid to grasp. Whatever you use, you need to just start with one. You need to toss that ball up in the air and catch it with your other hand. This is the basic throw you will need to know to juggle. Just throw up in the air and catch with the other hand.

Once you have mastered this, you are ready to move on to the next part which is introducing a second ball. It can be tempting to do a two ball juggle by passing one ball underneath and the other on top. This is not the way to master juggling and can be confusing. What you need to do is toss the two balls in the same way that you did the one ball. High in the air from one hand to the other. Start with letting go with one hand and then do the other and catch the balls. Then stop. Keep practising this until you are confident.

Adding in the third ball is probably the trickiest bit. You need to start by holding two balls in the hand you will start throwing from and one ball in the other. Throw one of the two balls, then the ball from the other hand and then the third ball. Then keep catching and throwing them. It will take a lot of practice to make sure you throw them the same heights and in to a position that you can catch them.

One great tip is to stand over a table or sofa when you are practising, you will not have to keep bending down to the floor to pick them up. Once you have mastered scarves or balls, you can move on to rings and clubs. You will need a lot more room with larger things to juggle with and rings can be sharp on the edges so you may need to wear gloves. If you do not want to juggle with other things, then you can try learning tricks with the balls.

There are different things you can do like juggling two balls in one hand, throwing the balls different heights and things like that. Once you have the basics, you can learn lots of things and if you go to YouTube and look at some videos there or buy some juggling books, you can learn all sorts of tricks to amaze and astonish your friends!

How to See the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights is a spectacular sight to see. many people think that it can only be seen in Iceland, but it can also be seen in Canada, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, Alaska, Finland and Greenland. This means that you do not necessarily have to travel a long distance to be able to see it.

The Northern Lights are not always visible and so you will need to be prepared to see nothing or something quite amazing. It is worth doing some research before you travel, to find out how likely it is that you will see them when you reach your destination. Look at various travel sites and read some reviews and also find out when the best time of the year is to go to these places. You will also need to choose cloudless nights for viewing and so check out the weather for that time of year and see whether you feel it is a good time to go.

Make sure that when you book your hotel, you book a place which is very close to where you might see the lights or there are plenty of opportunities to go and see it. It is a good idea to plan other things to do while you are having your trip, but if the Northern Lights is the thing that you most want to see, then make sure that you give yourself as much chance as possible of seeing it. It is good to have other things to do, just in case you do not get to see it and it should help you feel less disappointed.To increase your chances, make sure you stay in the area for several days and drive out to the best viewing sites, rather than staying in the main cities, where the bright lights might make it harder to see anything.


How to Ride in a Sleeper

There is an old fashioned charm about travelling overnight on a train. However, these days, they so not have lovely wooden compartments with built in beds where you can have a private nap. Many trains have a combination of sleeper carriages and seated one. The seats, as you would imagine, are very much cheaper than the sleeping areas.

In the UK, it is the London to Glasgow route, which tends to run a sleeper service. The price will vary depending on who you travel with, as well as the service. There can be some great deals if you book well in advance though and you may even find tha it is cheaper than an overnight bus service if you pick carefully.

You will find that you may have a choice between single and double berth where there will either be a private room for one or two people or you can choose a seated berth where you will have reclining seats but be in a carriage with others. The price will obviously reflect the amount of room that you get.

It can be a very romantic journey, bumping along a dark train track in a little room with private cabin with bed and washbasin. It is unlikely to be your most comfortable nights sleep, despite the fact that you will get a pillow and duvet, but it will certainly be one that you will be able to cross off your bucket list.

How to Crochet

Craft skills are becoming trendy again in some circles with celebrities taking up some of these things and with the value of home made goods being identified again. It can be very satisfying being able to make things to give away as gifts or even clothing to wear.

Sadly, years ago, people used to knit, crochet and sew to save money, but with so many things being mass produced abroad, it can be cheaper to buy a made item than to buy the materials needed to make it. This is a shame and means that many of us are discouraged from having a go. But there is nothing like having something home made, it is so much nicer knowing that someone or yourself have put effort in to making an item.

Crochet is considered to be quite difficult. It is less popular than knitting and sewing, but is not harder. There are a selection of different stitches but really only two main basic ones. It is just a matter of winding the wool around the crochet hook and looping it off again. You do need to know exactly how to do this and where to insert the needle, in the work, to get everything to look right. However, a few basic lessons should see you right.

If you know anyone who can crochet, then ask them to show you. It can be much easier getting some one on one tuition than trying to teach yourself from a book or video. However, it is perfectly possible to be able to do this and so do not let this put you off. There are some great places on the Internet where you will be able to find the information that you need and you can get started.You could even get a book from the library which will not only show you the stitches but give you some patterns, so that you can start making things.

There are all sorts of things that you can make with crochet such as scarves and blankets, jumpers, mats and doilies.


How to Stay at an Ice Hotel

Many people have heard of the Ice Hotel in Sweden. What a lot of people do not know is that it is not the only ice hotel that exists and so there is an element of choice when you are thinking of staying in one.

As far a novelty hotels go, they are probably some of the most interesting. Most of the hotels have a combination of cold rooms and warm rooms. It can be great fun staying in the ice hotel, but perhaps the idea of sleeping in a room kept at a temperature of -5 degrees might not appeal to you that much! Although you get to sleep on a ice bed with a mattress and reindeer skins, it is still not the warmest place and so will have the option of sleeping in a warm room, where you will not have to stay layered up all of the time.You will also be able to take part in all of the fun winter activities and enjoy the snow outside as well.

It is a good idea to take a look at the different hotels, because they do vary in their style and offerings and they also are in different locations and so there will be different things to see and do while you are there.

Because these hotels are such a novelty, you may find that they are quite expensive. However, if you just want to stay in one, then you could always just stay for the one night and then stay somewhere a bit cheaper for the rest of your visit in the area. However, if you want to do activities, you may find that buying them in a package with your hotel stay might be better, it can be worth discussing this with a tour operator and then calculating how much difference it might make if you book everything up in small bits. You could save money this way. Consider whether meals are included and how much extra this might cost, if they are not.

Snowboarding always looks like such a fun sport and is so cool, but unless you live in a country where there is always lots of snow, then it is not possible to do it very often. However, there are ways that you can still get an opportunity to have a go.

There are a number of dry ski slopes and some of these do have facilities for snowboarding and so it is worth looking at you local facilities and seeing what they offer.

If you feel that there is no substitute for real snow, then there are cheaper ways of getting the real thing, if you do not have the money to keep going to the big resorts. If you book near the beginning or end of the season, then it will be cheaper. You will be taking a risk that there is less snow though. Booking early can also save money, so check out the brochures as soon as they come out. Booking late can sometimes save money as well, but often booking early is better.

It is worth considering the distance of the resort. If you book somewhere that is closer to where you live and close to an airport, you will save money on flights and transfers. However, be aware of how expensive that particular resort is, as unless you get an all-inclusive package, you may find that the cost of food and drinks is high.

If the resorts are fairly close by, then you could just go there for long weekends and not waste that much time travelling. This will give you the opportunity to go often. You could pick up loyalty points with an airline this way as well and this could help you get cheaper flights in the future.

Learning to snowboard might be something that you feel anxious about. If you are a beginner you might wonder whether you will stand out from the crowd. However, there are often classes for beginners where you can learn the basics with people of a similar ability to you. You can even look on YouTube for instructional videos which could be helpful as well.